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Frequently Asked Questions

The term 'DevOps' has emerged from the collision of two trends, 'Development' (Dev) and 'Operations' (Ops). It is a set of software development practices used by organisations worldwide to shorten their software/systems development life cycle.

DevOps professionals are currently in high-demand, and due to the same, the salary offered to them has reached its zenith. As per several reports, the number of organisations using DevOps is gradually increasing.


The DevOps life cycle involves different phases such as planning, coding, testing, monitoring, feedback etc. Thus, newbies and professional techies must learn DevOps under the live project support and guidance of skilled trainers to comprehend the entire systems life cycle.


The course fee for DevOps training entirely depends on trainers and institutes; it is moreover based on the duration of the course. However, a professional DevOps course in India will easily cost you in between Rs. 10000 - 15000 per month. Find out the estimated course fee with UrbanPro's fee calculator.


There are plenty of DevOps training institutes to educate techies online.