Hindi Language

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Unique sentence structure, purely phonetic script, nouns with genders - either feminine or masculine, no usage of articles etc. makes this language an interesting one to learn.

The Hindi language may not be a national language in India; however, it is definitely one of the widely spoken languages. It is spoken in northern, western, eastern and central India.

To speak in Hindi fluently - talk as often as possible in Hindi, focus more on fluency than grammar, learn Hindi vocabulary & basic phrases and don't be afraid to make mistakes while speaking.

Experts claim that Hindi is one amongst the world's 10 most difficult languages to learn. However, if you seek proper guidance from experts, then there is nothing difficult about learning this language.

We're living in an era where the internet has changed our everyday life for the better. These days, there is a wide range of Online Hindi Coaching Classes and Courses available that one can easily check on ProTutors.