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Frequently Asked Questions

TOEFL abbreviated as the Test of English as a Foreign Language is an English language ability test. This test is attended by non - native English speakers who are willing to enrol themselves in English-speaking universities and colleges.


Scoring around 80-90 is treated as a moderately good score in TOEFL. If you're scoring around 90-100, then it is a perfectly good score. Scoring in this range is good enough for most colleges and universities.


Hiring a TOEFL trainer is one of the wise decisions as TOEFL is one of the most reputed international examinations that needs a lot of preparation to score well. A trainer helps you in various ways to score well in this examination.

Accepted by universities worldwide, TOEFL is one of the most popular English languages standardised test. With its popularity worldwide, TOEFL trainers are now available across India. You can find the tutor that best suits your needs and requirements using ProTutors.


The tuition fee in India varies based on a lot of factors such as the total time duration of coaching given, the experience of trainers etc. Ease out the process of calculating the average tuition fee using ProTutors fee calculator.