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Frequently Asked Questions

Java is the most commonly used programming language in the world. It is a solid core language and a fine precursor to learning other programming languages such as C, C++, C# etc.

Java is not only a platform-independent but also a simple and reliable language. It is also one of the most secure programming languages. Java uses Object Oriented Programming methodology and other features that contribute to making it a powerful programming language.


Java is easy to learn, it is platform-independent and an object-oriented programming language. Java allows you to create modular programs and reusable code. Robustness, cross-platform abilities and ease of use are amongst the other benefits.

There are several renowned institutes with well-experienced faculty that provide quality Java training classes across the country. ProTutors suggests some of the best Java training institutes near your locality.


Java training can be taken up like a diploma level certification course for six months. However, there are crash courses and full-length training programmes that provide Java training in India.