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Frequently Asked Questions

Python language is an interpreted high-level, open-source and multi-paradigm programming language for coding. First released in 1991, the python programming language was created by Guido van Rossum.

Python is one of the world’s most powerful and used programming languages. List of the leading companies that extensively use this language includes Google, YouTube, Yahoo Map, Quora etc.


There are several benefits for a programmer to learn this language.

  • Python is a high-level programming language
  • It has an extensive library with built-in modules.
  • It runs on platforms such as Windows, Unix, Linux etc.
  • Python is a GUI programming language
  • Python is a desirable skill set in one's resume.

A large number of python training institutes provide quality training classes in India. However, different institutes follow different training techniques to help their students. Find the right institute that best suits you by checking the reviews and ratings of the best institutes on ProTutors.


The average course fee for Python depends entirely on the duration of the course, trainers' experience and institutes providing the course etc.