Selenium Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

Selenium is a free open-source automated testing application. It is suitable for web applications and is friendly with various browsers and platforms. Selenium is a complete package comprising different components, each assisting in different testing needs of the enterprise.

Selenium is quite different from manual testing. It involves automated tools and dynamic processes as compared to manual testing. Selenium provides random and exploratory testing, which is not found in manual testing. Moreover, it is highly reliable and an error-free method of testing.


Selenium is highly in-demand in the job market because it is an open-source that supports various operating systems, browsers and programming languages and has a wide user base. Thus, skilled professionals in Selenium are popular not only in India but also abroad.


There are various training institutes available that offer professional training in Selenium. However, you need to check reliability. You can browse through ProTutors to find out the credibility of those institutes to take the right decision.

The course fee depends upon the type of institute you want to enrol into, the trainer, the duration of the program and type of the course you are looking for.